Deploying on Kubernetes

This section provides the instructions on how to deploy the Sybline Broker Helm chart.


Before you begin, make sure you have the following prerequisites installed:

  • Helm installed on your local machine.
  • Access to a Kubernetes cluster + Logged into Kubernetes Cluster


1. Clone the GitHub Repository

Clone the GitHub repository containing the Helm chart to your local machine using the following command:

git clone

2. Navigate to the Sybline broker

Within the repo run the following command:

cd sybline-broker

3. Deploy Helm Chart

Using the following command you can deploy the helm chart with the default options:

helm upgrade -i sybline-broker .

4. Verify the Helm Chart is Install

You can confirm the pods are active by using the following:

kubectl get pods

With the default configuration you should see three pods with the name format of: sybline-X